About Mascot Pet Products


Unique Products for People who Love Their Pets

We are a family run company committed to finding unique pet products for people who love their pets. There are many collars and treats on the market today, and it is our goal to offer these products with a twist:

  • Antler Chews which are durable, natural and sustainable. 
  • Fragrance Collars that are scented and fashionable.
  • Pest Repellent Collars that help repel fleas and ticks which are fashionable and infused with essential oils.
  • Cheese treats - made with real cheese!

History of Mascot Pet Products

It all began with a road trip to meet a breeder in South Dakota and two excited kids riding along.

A unique breed was born - Our miniature St. Bernard, Kona, came home.

Life with a new puppy led to a chewed-up kitchen chair.

Which led to a unique treat - Our antler chew, created for rambunctious, adorable dogs to keep them busy and happy.

Long daily walks led to a stinky dog .

Which led to a unique collar - Our fragrance collar with colorful designs, created to keep dogs smelling fresh, and looking fashionable.

Days outside in the summer led to a dog with fleas & ticks.

Which led to a pest collar - Our unique pest repellent collar with essential oil, created to help keep dogs healthy.

We'd love to hear how your family pet story started. 

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